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Zimmermans Create 'Modern Farmhouse' in Braselton

Photos and Story by Rosa Santiago Zimmerman, via Braselton News

Perhaps, Dorothy said it best, “There’s no place like home.”  As we go through daily life, dodging flying monkeys and the Wicked Witch of the West, my family found contentment in the comforts of a modern farmhouse style home.

Little did we know that after spending over two years designing our forever home, a detour would lead us to reconsider our options within the inner gates of Chateau Elan in Braselton.

As we followed the “yellow brick road” toward the construction of our modern farmhouse, we made the intentional choice to partner with the best professionals at Chateau Elan.

Building a new home, from conception to completion, is not an easy task.  As the owner and lead designer of RSZ Interiors and a professional designer with 17 years experience, I knew firsthand every detail of our vision for the home we designed.  However, it was imperative that our partners in this process understood and respected our final goals.

Zimmermans create a modern farmhouse

The Zimmerman family, of Braselton, designed a modern farmhouse, known as the Harmony.  The family’s residence is locate in Chateau Elan.

Without the knowledge and expertise of the partnering professionals involves with this venture, Harmony, as our floorplan and home is called, would have never been a success.

When building a new home, it is imperative to do research.  Selecting a builder is one of the most important components of building a quality home and having a successful and enjoyable building process and finish.

Prior to selecting our builder, we walked many of the homes built by several of the approved builders at Chateau Elan.  As we walked through the homes, our interest was not on the floorplans, but for building excellence.  The materials used, the finishes selected, the quality of framing, insulation, roofing and mechanicals are all important.

My focus was to ensure that the builder paid attention to the details and that those details translated into turning a house into a home.

With the help of Lori Cable at the Chateau Elan sales center and realtor Jason Moore with Remax Legends, we requested a meeting with Paul Davidson of DFW Ventures.

During our first meeting, Davidson was welcoming, kind, calm, and interested in every detail of our plan.  He listened to my desires, visions and concerns.  he offered suggestions and ideas that had not been considered.

Davidson has successfully been in the industry for 23 years and it was noticeable.  He exuded excellence and knowledge and after a couple of hours discussing the project, we knew the Harmony would be built by the DFW team.

But building a new home is not as simple as just a stroll down the yellow brick road.  Building a home is not just about five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.  It is literally about creating a space you’ll love to live in.  That path towards Ox requires planning.


A space to eat

Shown is the kitchen in the Zimmerans’ home.

Just like planning a trip to Disney World or Europe, you must do your research.  It is crucial that your partner is with experienced professionals that can guide you through the process so that the journey is more enriching, enjoyable and at the end fo the day, turns out exactly like you envisioned.

Dorothy’s journey towards the Oz was made so much easier when she partnered with the Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Lion and of course, Toto.  We enlisted the help of many other professionals to ensure that Harmony was a true reflection of what our family had been planning for and envisioning for years.

I spent hours with  my HVAC contractors duscussing the options of heating and cooling units.  I spent weeks with the tile suppliers making backsplash, showers and flooring selections.  I had nine samples of stain done to select the one to use on our hardwood floors.  I visited four showrooms to finally make a selection on plumbing fixtures.  My husband, Steven, went to seven different appliance showrooms to select kitchen appliances.

When selecting to build Harmony at Chateau Elan, it was important for me to know the “whys”.  When I met with Cable and Davidson at Chateau Elan sales, I had questions: Why should I choose Chateau Elan?  What is the history of Chateau Elan?  Do you actually live in  Braselton?  Do you live at Chateau?  For how long?  Why?

Chateau Elan seemed right based on or future goals and lifestyle.  I was drawn to the French influences in the Chateau architecture.  My husband, who occasionally travels for business, was excited about the accessibility to two major interstates.  Although not golfers, my husband and son love to hit a few balls in the shade from time to time, so the golf course was certainly an added bonus.  Mu daughter and I were excited aobut the Sports Club amenities.  Of course, who doesn’t love food and wine and knowing that both options are valuable as the backdrop of your backyard?


Bedroom lit with chandelier fixtures

Chandeliers light one of the bedrooms inside the Zimmerman home in Chateau Elan.

Another item of Chateau that really caught our attention was the diversity in architecture within the different communities inside the gates and the diversity within peple living in those homes.  However, what we loved about Chateau the most was the fact that our home was going to be nestled in a space that seemed somewhat country, removed from the stressors and craziness of a bustling city life.  Yet, the city, lake and mountains are all just a few miles away.

Upon completion of the home, which took approximately seven months, the entire team of professionals were in awe of the beauty of a project well done.

“Creekside inside Chateau used to be a ghost town, then the market rebounded and the new construction phase began”, said Lori Cable and Suzanne Wamboldt Burgner of the Chateau Sales Center.  “it started off slow and then suddenly, Harmony appeared, and it has truly changed the face of Creekside.  WE are so excited to see what the future Harmony Collection brings.”

The home turned out amazing.  From a personal perspective, my family and I are truly in love with our home.  We come home every single day ecstatic to be home.

Dorothy’s journey on the yellow brick  road was always truly about finding her way back home.  Home is a place where love, laughter and growth happens.  These four walls give you shelter from the elements, but they also create a space where you can learn to become the person you want to be.


Bathroom area

Shown is one of the bathrooms in the Zimmermans’ home

Rosa Zimmerman is the owner and lead designer at RSZ Interiors.

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